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Rinascimento.La persona e il suo luogo [Renaissance. The person and his place] by Matilde Piazzi

13 October 2017 - 20 January 2018

​​​​​​​​​​As part of the exhibition IN-CUB-AZIONI, CUBO presents a personal photography exhibition of the young Bolognese artist Matilde Piazzi. Born in 1985, she was selected in 2015 to participate in Foto Factory Modena, the photography tutorial produced by Sky Arte and Fondazione Fotografia Modena, a unique opportunity in which she had the chance to study with photographers such as Pino Musi, Mario Cresci and Vincenzo Castella.

Spazio Arte of CUBO has decided to present her artistic project "Rinascimento. La persona e il suo luogo" [Renaissance. The person and his place] curated by Eleonora Frattarolo.

The idea arose during the digital photography course at Central Saint Martin's College of Arts and Design in London. This is where Matilde Piazzi began to work with portraits for the first time, and no longer only with landscape photography.

The project is composed of a cycle of 10 portraits from 2013 and a self-portrait from 2017, in which the artist combines the canons of contemporary photography with the trends of modern pictorial traditions, depicting natural or urban landscapes next to posing figures, and proceeding with formal and spiritual analogies, as Eleonora Frattarolo states in the exhibition catalogue, “Where the unconsciousness of the person portraying is an accomplice of the unconsciousness of the person portrayed".

In Rinascimento, the artist turns her attention to Renaissance portraiture, when art represented man and the nature that surrounded him, when the interest in verisimilitude became a vehicle of discovery, but unlike Renaissance portraits, the subjects photographed in the exhibition have a neutral background and are not located in a defined place". The work addresses the contemporary portrait, which arose while she studied at college and which the artist dedicated to her friends, to those faces that became her models in the photos and to the period of life they experienced together in which everyone was trying to find their place, "A generation of missing individuals, separated from the world and seeking a rebirth".

  • Matilde Piazzi, Portrait of Maria Ida, photo, 2013

  • Matilde Piazzi, Portrait of Paolo, photo, 2013

  • Matilde Piazzi, Portrait of Alessandro, photo, 2013

  • Matilde Piazzi, Portrait of Anna, photo, 2013​

  • Matilde Piazzi, Portrait of Valerio, photo, 2013

  • Matilde Piazzi, Portrait of Horace, photo, 2013

  • Matilde Piazzi, Portrait of Louise, photo, 2013
  • Matilde Piazzi, Portrait of Angela, photo,​ 2013​
  • Matilde Piazzi, self-portrait​, photo, 2017
  • Matilde Piazzi, landscape, photo, 2017

"I photographed my models in my small studio, trying to avoid false expressions despite the pose, and then impressed them on a porous paper similar to a canvas. Finally free to look at those faces, I could now take all the time I needed to portray them as magnificent landscapes. Thus models in the flesh became paper and finally, through the camera, took on the appearance of a contemporary painting. Each work in Rinascimento consists of two different images made in different times and manners. No landscape was taken while considering the portrait that would accompany it. The editing work was done afterwards." (Matilde Piazzi)

SAVE THE DATE ​​ - 30 November 2017 5:30 pm

The artist Eleonora Frattarolo, professor of History of Drawing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, will lead viewers on a journey through some portraits that have marked the history of painting and photography with their own strength and intensity. 

Through the eyes and words of which the portrait is a messenger and summoner, on the edge of a silence that becomes sound, Roberto Paci Dalò, musician, theatrical director, sound artist, visual artist, composer and director, will give life to a work of sound, Zeitlos, from which hints linked to the same etymology of the word PER-SONA arise.​

The project is part of the Thirteenth Contemporary Day of Amaci, scheduled for 14 October 2017, the great event organised every year to bring the art of our time to the general public.​​

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