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Oltre la paura [Beyond fear]

Raffaello Ossola and Daniele Basso
13 June - 05 October 2013

​From 13 June, CUBO is hosting the exhibition Oltre la paura ​(Beyond Fear) by artists Raffaello Ossola and Daniele Basso with the critical contribution of Giancarlo Bonomo.

The works on display are inspired by the theme of 'crisis', using the universal language of art and reflecting not economic but sociological, anthropological and aesthetic points of view.

The proposed exhibition is part of the OVERPLAY project, a collateral event of the 55th International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia at Palazzo Albrizzi, which focuses in an interdisciplinary way on the relationship between art and crisis through art in its various historical-artistic moments (Caporali, Correggio, Jordaens, Guardi, Rousseau, von Stuck, Schifano, Vedova, Santomaso), in collaboration with the Italian-German Cultural Association of Venice. Overplay: in a time of crisis such as the one we are currently experiencing, the idea is to attempt, also from an aesthetic point of view, what the concept of 'crisis' itself indicates, condensing a whole series of elements: a limit or boundary that is about to be crossed and from which a new course, a different state of affairs will be decided.

​Beyond Fear is ultimately - as Bonomo suggests in the critical presentation text - 'a powerful reminder of the primal value of doing in order to know, that is, a return to the ethical and aesthetic dignity of a dimension that has known how to bring man closer to his most intimate and authentic part through the process of creation. The crisis thus becomes the destructive drive from which the creative energy of doing springs, thus enabling one to overcome imposed limits and conditioning'.

From the two different artistic perspectives on display in the exhibition, it is possible to start again by constructing and reviving themes such as trust and cooperation, which have been of fundamental significance in social structures since ancient times.

CUBO's exhibition project is enriched by a multimedia APP created ad-hoc that allows the user to intuitively and autonomously expand the exhibition-related content – from the Apple Store and Google Play.  


At the end of the exhibition the contents can be viewed on Mediarte,  an interactive application on the multimedia tables of the Mediateca containing the archive of the exhibitions held in the CUBO exhibition spaces. ​


​​​CUBO in Porta Europa - Spazio Arte, Piazza Vieira de Mello 3​, Bologna