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Labirinto [Labyrinth]

by Francesca Pasquali
1 June 2021 – 8 January 2022

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​On the 25th floor of the Unipol Tower, the artist Francesca Pasquali has inaugurated the new area dedicated to the visual arts with a wide-ranging, immersive and engaging site-specific installation: Labyrinth. On entering the installation, we find ourselves immersed in a jungle of soft, green-bristle filaments which, suspended like waterfalls bubbling in mid-air, vibrate as people approach, responding to their mutual presence as if they were living creatures. 

Labyrinth (2020) expands over much of the floor of the building and transforms it into an enchanted world, an artificial forest sprouted out of nowhere that overwhelmingly engulfs and intermingles with the architectures that protect our present era. A unique path invites the public on a sensory journey between walls of long green PVC bristles, winding and curvilinear between artifice and nature, matter and environment.  As visitors enter the corridors of the installation, they encounter an entire undergrowth of plants, palms and vines that breathes and continues to grow, moves while swaying along with the thread-like fibres and wraps tightly around them, giving new life to the silky walls that surround the Labyrinth.

  • Francesca Pasquali, Labirinto, 2020, installation​ view.
  • Francesca Pasquali, Labirinto (detail), 2020.

In the installation, the distances between the user and matter, between the body of the observer and the body of the work, are erased, both immersed in the same existential dimension. The artist Francesca Pasquali (Bologna, 1980) conducts meticulous research of domestic and industrial materials that can be traced back to artificial manufacturing, recovering their true plastic-sculptural potential with the aim of stimulating a proactive attitude in the observer. Each of her works becomes a visual and relational device positioned between the viewer and the surrounding environment, capable of giving rise to other interpretations of reality. Here she has imagined a dense, hanging forest where visitors can enter and exit, losing and finding themselves.

  • ​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zThW-LWInzI

  • Francesca Pasquali, Labirinto (detail), 2020.

  • Francesca Pasquali, Labirinto (detail), 2020.​

Labyrinth, the title of the installation, is historically considered a place in which to try new paths, experience possibilities, and discover intuition. These are the themes behind Francesca Pasquali's project, created exclusively for CUBO in Unipol Tower: the creation of a work that metaphorically alludes to a direct relationship between existing space and artistic intervention, with the aim of enhancing the infinite possibilities that the place itself offers. It is a space where the visitor is the protagonist, the activator of a path of amazement and discovery, of sharing and relationship.  

The overall intention of the art of CUBO, the Unipol Group Corporate Museum and of the artist  Francesca Pasquali, however, is not that of fleeting estrangement or temporary entertainment for its own sake, but rather constant inner enrichment, accepting the precious invitation not to be overwhelmed by immobility while remaining immersed in the classic routine of daily necessity. The work becomes a visual and relational device positioned between the viewer and the surrounding environment, capable of giving rise to other interpretations of reality. An egregious act of contamination that certainly does not aim to go unnoticed in the daily hustle and bustle. (parts of the text are taken from the text on display by Alice Traforti)​ 

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At the end of the exhibition the contents can be viewed on Mediarte​​, an interactive application on the multimedia tables of the Mediateca containing the archive of the exhibitions held in the CUBO exhibition spaces.  

Access to the exhibition is by prior arrangement only: to book, please contact 

In accordance with current anti-covid safety measures, staff take visitors' body temperature at the entrance; a mask must be worn at all times and visitors must maintain a safe distance inside the museum.

We thank visitors for their cooperation. ​​​​​

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