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Labirinto_innesti armonici

by Francesca Pasquali
18 January - 21 May 2022

​​​​​​Mutamenti. Le metamorfosi sintetiche by fuse* and Francesca Pasquali is the title of the project curated by Federica Patti for the fifth edition of das - dialoghi artistici sperimentali [experimental artistic dialogues] with the launch of a double exhibition marked by a widespread, immersive and varied experience that involves the different spaces of the Corporate Museum and focuses on the idea of the changeability, transience, evolution that notions, images, media, technologies and cultural elements implement over time, incessantly, just like the transformation processes that take place in nature. 

For CUBO in Unipol Tower, the exhibition proposal is a renewed Labirinto_Innesti_Armonici proposed for the occasion as a widespread, immersive and mutating experience.

The artist Francesca Pasquali once again transformed the 25th floor of the tower into an enchanted world, a synthetic forest which magically appeared out of nowhere and is overbearingly insinuated among the custodian architectures of our present. A jungle of soft suspended filaments, gushing waterfalls made of plastics and bristles of varying thickness within which hints of light and sound of different frequencies radiate, currently home to vegetation that has transformed over the months, creeping between the synthetic materials. The unique path invites the public on a sensory journey where lights and sounds have crept in between artifice and nature, matter and environment. 

Opened for the performance  StrawsLAB_interazioni gestaltaltiche con la materia, the focus was on the ability of matter to generate sounds and movement and on the regenerative power of the same industrial material. The project completed the expressive and sensory force through the intertwining of expressive, digital and gestural means that involve the visitor, making the performative moments of sound, of the very matter of the work, of the lights and of the body that become unique and unprecedented protagonists, opening up to questions about the infinite intrinsic and interactive possibilities that the work and its material nature generate. 

The spatial dimension of the new Labirinto by Francesca Pasquali marks unpredictable paths where textures intertwine with each other, like a tapestry with multiple variations of sound and lights. The installation's plastic material takes on new vitality thanks to the elusive, immaterial and transversal nature of the sound and lights.

The sounds generated by matter occupy the space of everyday life to stimulate, through listening, a different perception of that which is acquired by visual perception, as the sensation of what we see depends so much on what we hear; listening and vision become active and participatory experiences of the user here. The bristles that oscillate upon the visitor's passage or touch produce a vibration that reaches our ears, turns on new lights and bounces between the architectures, saturating the space and the architectural dimensions that surround us.

In the installation, the distances between the user and matter, between the body of the observer and the body of the work are erased, both immersed in the same existential dimension. The actual sculptural-plastic potential of Francesca Pasquali's installations stimulate a proactive attitude thanks to which each work becomes a visual and relational expedient positioned between the viewer and the surrounding environment, capable of producing other interpretations of reality and stimulating new reflections. 

CUBO's exhibition project is enriched by a multimedia APP created ad-hoc that allows the user to intuitively and autonomously expand the exhibition-related content – from the Apple Store and Google Play.   

At the end of the exhibition the contents can be viewed on Mediarte ,  an interactive application on the multimedia tables of the Mediateca containing the archive of the exhibitions held in the CUBO exhibition spaces. 

Access to the exhibition is by prior arrangement only: to book, please  contact arte@cubounipol.it.

In accordance with current anti-Covid safety measures, staff take visitors' body temperature at the entrance; a facemask must be worn at all times and visitors must maintain a safe distance inside the museum. Only holders of a super greenpass and FFp2 mask will be allowed entry.

We thank visitors for  their  cooperation.  ​

Free with reservations

CUBO in Torre Unipol - via Larga, 8 - Bologna




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