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Paolo Scheggi, Joanie Lemercier, fuse* as part of ART CITY Bologna 2018
31 January - 31 March 2018

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​CUBO launches and  promotes  das - dialoghi artistici sperimentali, [experimental artistic dialogues] , the cross-cutting exhibition dedicated to artistic and cultural dialogue on contemporary themes. It was created as a place for exchange – of content, techniques, languages – between established masters of contemporary art and exponents of the new generation. With das you can immerse yourself  in  days full of  discoveries, discussions, meetings and live performances, for an unmissable and complete experience.

​The exhibition project that CUBO has decided to inaugurate during the week of contemporary art in Bologna is IN BETWEEN - DIALOGHI DI LUCE" PAOLO SCHEGGI, JOANIE LEMERCIER, FUSE* curated by Ilaria Bignotti and Federica Patti, with which it intends to enhance the relationship, dialogue and comparison between: Paolo Scheggi, protagonist of the new European avant-garde of the sixties, Joanie Lemercier, a new generation artist active internationally who works in the field of new technologies, and fuse*, a benchmark artistic studio for multimedia arts. The guiding themes are light as a potential activator of sensoriality, the environment understood as an engaging and stimulating space, and the materiality and transience of the work between appearance, suggestion and transformation.

In the darkness that envelops the Spazio Arte of CUBO and welcomes visitors, we find Interfiore by Paolo Scheggi and plans by Joanie Lemercier. The first reveals itself in its more than ninety circular shapes painted fluorescent yellow, immersed and suspended at different heights in a space darkened and illuminated by wood light, they seem to float and become contaminated in a path of light. The second allows for an ephemeral and immersive  experience capable of describing space through dynamic projections of light, layered surfaces, reflective or semi-transparent materials, following a rigorous geometric composition of space. A reboot built according to the typical styles of the French artist, who loves to engage the Spatialist and Optical masters using the technological tools of contemporary times. The work is physically composed of very light screens, tulle surfaces and wooden frames, distributed and suspended in the Spazio Arte of CUBO as minimal, almost spectral, installations.

Everyone can move, approach, gather, be amazed. Experience yourself in a suspended place and time. Boundaries fade, directions are lost.

  • The circles of Interfiore in Paolo Scheggi's studio in Milan, ready for installation at Galleria La Tartaruga in Rome, 1968. Courtesy Scheggi Archive.

  • The Circles of the Interior in Paolo Scheggi's studio at CUBO, 2018

  • J. Lemercier, plans, generative visual installation​, 2018 (detail) 

  • audience interaction with plans by J. Lemercier, generative visual installation, 2018​

In addition to the exhibition in Spazio Arte, das amplifies the calendar with a series of widespread events, confirming its desire to make the Spaces of CUBO versatile and experimental by proposing a series of appointments:

the Mediateca becomes the scene of two Meet the artist events to get to know and thoroughly analyse the multimedia techniques developed by the artists Joanie Lemercier and fuse*, and an opportunity to present the research material produced by the fuse* studio. The space hosted the presentation of Espoarte's 100th issue, a moment for discussion and dialogue on the themes of contemporary art with numerous scholars, artists, philosophers and curators.
 Completing the das series are two OFF appointments in the urban spaces near CUBO:

- on 3 February at 10.00 pm, the Italian première of Dökk, the last live-media performance of the studio fuse* at Teatro Testoni Ragazzi.An immersive multimedia narrative that tells a journey, interpreted by the dancer Elena Annovi, through a sequence of ten rooms/digital landscapes in succession, a journey in which the end coincides with a new beginning. DöKK is an Icelandic word meaning darkness, representing the natural continuation of Ljós ("light"), a performance created in 2014 and presented at some of the most important international festivals. Dökk offers a journey into the unconscious, where reality is represented by worlds and universes that are drawn and dissolved in the mind, in the constant search for a balance between light and darkness.

- on 4 February 11:30 am-1:30 pm, a talk within Artefiera entitled Archive: vision, project, system. Dialogues and comparisons between history and contemporaneity. A focus on archiving and authentication through a dialectical and interdisciplinary investigation, activating a remise en question of the archive system to broaden the methodological and operational field and extend it to the problems of the conservation of new media.


The exhibition is reported in the official programme of ART CITY Bologna 2018, celebrating Arte Fiera.​​

​CUBO's exhibition project is enriched by a multimedia APP created ad-hoc that allows the user to intuitively and autonomously expand the exhibition-related content – from the Apple Store and Google Play.   

At the end of the exhibition the contents can be viewed on Mediarte,  an interactive application on the multimedia tables of the Mediateca containing the archive of the exhibitions held in the CUBO exhibition spaces. ​

​​​​​​​exhibition catalogue 


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CUBO at Porta Europa - Spazio Arte, Piazza Vieira de Mello 3, Bologna​​​




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