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Dino Boschi. Il mondo dietro la collina [The world behind the hill]

19 July - 8 October 2016

​​​Spazio Arte dedicates a monographic exhibition to the Bolognese artist Dino Boschi, whose paintings have renewed still lifes and landscapes with conceptual flair. 
 Some works owned by the Unipol Group, the family and Galleria Forni are on display.

Il mondo dietro la collina [The world behind the hill] is the title chosen for the exhibition, which aims to be a memory of the artist less than a year after his death, through the places and things dear to him. "What relationships did the painter have with places and things, what did everyday figures and objects mean, things that his habit seemed to have made him forget by cancelling them in a narcotic silence? Boschi loved to quote the old axiom according to which the truest reality is the invented one, so he believed that everything could be resumed and renewed following a thought capable of loving everything, which would bring him to the continuation of the memory." (from the catalogue text by F. Basile)

The notes collected in this exhibition are marks which in the unfolding of traits and colour lead to the artist's last refuge, to pieces of a story set in a house on the hill where he had his studio, and where he did not need to escape outside to collect elements to paint on his canvases. "He had everything within easy reach, the useful material was in the rooms where silence left space for the suspension of time.He would no longer leave, moreover he didn't need to see sunrises and sunsets to recount himself.It was enough for him to look through the glass, or to store in his mind that which he breathed in the rooms as a presence that was not there, but that he could imagine. Things were able to reveal a world that was not perceptible to the naked eye, but clearly present in the review of memories that resurfaced together with a strip of sun, or with the movement of a branch sticking out from an old tree of the garden to touch the studio's window", as Franco Basile, curator, journalist and sincere friend of the artist , wrote in Il Resto del Carlino on the eve of the opening of the exhibition that is completed with A subtle visual perception, the   critical text created for the catalogue which  guides the visitor on an existential interpretation of the "things and places" painted by Dino Boschi. ​​

  • Dino Boschi, Interno, 1994, courtesy of Forni Gallery - Bologna.

  • ​Dino Boschi, Interno, 1993, courtesy of Forni Gallery - Bologna.

  • Dino Boschi, Tavolo, 2007, private collection​.

  • Dino Boschi, Studio, 2009, courtesy Boschi Family.

  • Dino Boschi, Estate, 2001, private collection.

  • Dino Boschi,​ Interno, 1995, courtesy of Forni Gallery - Bologna​.


The exhibition consists of a series of unpublished photographs of the studio in Gaibola as the artist left it - belonging to the photographic archive of CUBO – that depict the artist's places and things, alternating with some paintings dedicated to the beaches of the Riviera Romagnola, periodic summer refuge of the family and a place with which the artist had a controversial relationship throughout his life. 

In fact, his son Alberto said: "If in his work some thematic choices – as in the case of footballers or musicians – arise from an evident passion for the subject, the same cannot be said of the cycle of beaches. Few things were as unpleasant to him as our stays in the Riviera: he hated being in the sun, he did not set foot in the water and he hated seaside life in all its manifestations."Yet "Boschi loved the colours of the beaches, not only those dictated by nature as a transparent background, or suggested by the vermilion atmosphere of a waning sun. He was attracted by the marks distributed by man: the succession of sheds, the alluring waving of beach towels, the clusters of umbrellas, a counterpoint of shadows stretching in the lazy geometry of the paths on the beach. The painter did not visit beaches, he did not experience them as a swimmer. He just watched them [...] Boschi saw the beach with a certain fascination perhaps because it offered the possibility of adding more vivid colours to the measure of one's time." Franco Basile, from "Il Resto del Carlino", September 2005.  

Through the dialogue between the works on display and the shots of the photographer Marco Mioli, the exhibition traces a path of the artist's life thanks to the distinctive subjects of his paintings. ​


  • Dino Boschi, Adriatico, 2006, Unipol Group's Artistic Heritage

  • Dino Boschi, Afa, 2003, courtesy Boschi Family​.
  • Dino Boschi, Ferragosto, 2007, courtesy Boschi Family.

  • Dino Bosci, Bonaccia, 2004, courtesy Boschi Family.

  • Dino Boschi, Temporale, 2004, courtesy Famiglia Boschi

                                                              HOUSE-STUDIO BOSCHI

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On Tuesday 20 September at 9:00 pm in the Spazio Cultura of CUBO, Franco Basile will talk with Alberto Boschi, son of the artist and professor at the University of Ferrara, and on this occasion will present the video of a rare interview with his father, enriched by a rich photographic portfolio, also never before made public. 

CUBO's exhibition project is enriched by a multimedia APP created ad-hoc that allows the user to intuitively and autonomously expand the exhibition-related content – from the Apple Store and Google Play.   

At the end of the exhibition the contents can be viewed on Mediarte,  an interactive application on the multimedia tables of the Mediateca containing the archive of the exhibitions held in the CUBO exhibition spaces. 


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