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Unipol, Pride in the Flag

From brand to branch

In March 2020, during the most severe stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Unipol Group gave 20 million euros to tackle the coronavirus crisis in the areas most gravely affected. These resources increased the number of beds available in hospitals, especially in intensive and sub-intensive care units, and to purchase medical equipment. In one of the first initiatives, six million euros were disbursed in Lombardy for extraordinary purchases of ventilators and consumables, such as masks, protective clothing and disinfectant. This money also contributed to creating the new emergency centre set up in the pavilions at Fiera Milano City. In Emilia Romagna, 5 million euros were donated to build a new ward at the Sant'Orsola Hospital in Bologna to treat Coronavirus patients. It has 90 beds, 44 of which are intensive and sub-intensive care beds. Additionally, new inpatient areas with 88 beds were created at the Bellaria Hospital in Bologna. At the same time, the UNA Group, the Unipol Group's hotel chain, in conjunction with the Civil Protection authorities and the regions concerned, agreed to house medical and paramedical staff in its hotels in Milan, Varese and Bologna. The Group's solidarity with the Italian people, so gravely afflicted by the virus, is also expressed in its tribute to the Italian flag, which, since April 2020, has lit up the Group's Bologna offices and has become part of the brand. 


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