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Unibox turns 18

The first black box for cars

​In 2002 Unipol began developing Unibox Strada Sicura, a device that keeps the car under constant satellite control. Using GSM technology and GPS, Unibox can transmit the car's data to an operating centre, active 24/7. In the event of an accident, the vehicle can be located quickly so that emergency services can be sent to the site; moreover, the device is also very useful in establishing the circumstances of the accident, given that it memorises the road conditions, the volume of traffic and the weather.

  • article from l'Unità
After a period of experimentation, Unibox became the essential element of a new concept for car insurance (2005). Unibox contracts have a special discounted rate for third-party liability, fire and theft.  Today Unipol group is a European leader in terms of the number of satellite devices installed, with four million in Italy, as stated on a recent (2019) UnipolSai Assicurazioni poster.​

  • Advertising poster, 2019

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