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Prospettiva Donna

The first policy for women

The insurance company Unipol (the official name when it began its activities in 1963) has always sought to meet the needs of households, individuals and companies, taking an original approach to society's demands. The late 1970s and early 1980s were a period of significant political, economic and social changes. One of the most significant, with long-term repercussions, was the changing role of women due to the overall evolution of society and the pressure of women's and feminist movements.  The female presence in work, culture, politics and institutions began to grow. Unipol realised that a new potential market was developing, with new protection and safety requirements. Thus, the fully-comprehensive Prospettiva Donna policy was created in 1984, the first insurance programme in Italy designed specifically for women and families. The policy covers the most common personal and household risks and acts as a supplementary pension scheme. Over the next few years, the company consolidated its relationships with women by introducing the women's accident policy in 1994.



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