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Maria Montersino, first woman employed by SAI


Maria Montersino, daughter of Gabriele di Pralormo (TO) and Virginia Cavalli di Monte Valenza (AL), was born at home in Turin on 28 February 1903. She sent her CV (education: secondary school diploma qualified to teach at primary school) to SAI on 30 July 1922, and was hired on 10 December 1922 at the age of 19. The company had only been established a few months previously (29 September 1921) and Montersino was the first woman to be employed by the company, listed at No. 4 in the register book, preceded by three men (Vola, Marzolla and Casale). Her first salary was 450 lire a month. Ms. Montersino never married, devoting most of her time to her work. She was the Head of the Arrears Office and rose to Officer with Power of Attorney. Her brother, Giuseppe Luigi Montersino, was also an employee of the company from 1.2.1953 to 31.7.1973. Towards the end of her career, on 23 November 1965 Maria Montersino wrote that she could have continued working despite reaching retirement age but that her request had been turned down and she subsequently retired at the age of 62 on 31 December 1965, having reached the age limit, after 43 years of service with the same company. Her exemplary dedication to the company earned her a 'Loyalty Award'.


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