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The history of Reale Grandine

Posters and postcards return to Bologna

Reale Società Anonima di Assicurazione contro i Danni della Grandine was founded in Bologna in 1891 and was acquired in 1909 by La Fondiaria Incendio, keeping its company premises in Bologna until 1952, when it moved to Florence. After the acquisition of Fondiaria by Unipol, the posters and postcards of Reale Grandine are now part of the CUBO historical archive. The postcards depict rustic Italy (La Reale Grandine insured against damage to plantations), thriving fields and happy farmers; some show Bologna's most famous monuments such as the Sanctuary of the Madonna of San Luca with its long portico, and the two Towers.  After the avant-garde movements (cubism, futurism), in the years following the first World War, painting saw a return to traditional figurative forms (it would later be called a “Return to order"), which had never been completely abandoned, and the same phenomenon would be found in advertising posters. It can be clearly seen in the postcards of the insurance company Reale Grandine, created between 1916 and 1929.​


Those interested in developing their research and extending it to other archival resources can write to: archiviostorico@cubounipol.it

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