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The Unipol Group in Serbia

The DDOR Company

UnipolSai Assicurazioni was launched officially in early 2014. The new company has a presence in Serbia through its control of DDOR Novi Sad Osiguranje. The Serbian company, established in 1945 by the Yugoslav authorities, was called the National Insurance and Reinsurance Institute. The Institute was dissolved in 1961 and amalgamated with other structures to create Novi Sad Insurance Association, before later merging with the Novi Sad – Vojvodina Insurance Association (1981). In 1990, the company adopted its current name, DDOR Novi Sad, and became the first insurance company operating within the former Yugoslav Republic (now known as Serbia). DDOR Novi Sad joined the Fondiaria-Sai Group in 2008 and, in November 2012, following the acquisition of Fondiaria-Sai, became a subsidiary of the Unipol Group and, subsequently, fully owned by UnipolSai (2018). Since 2015, CUBO has been working with DDOR Novi Sad Osiguranje to raise awareness of road safety issues among visitors to the Motor Show, Serbia's most important trade fair held annually in Belgrade. It does so through multimedia tools for learning safe driving. DDOR Novi Sad is the second-largest operator on the Serbian insurance market (2019 figures).  ​

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