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From MEIE to Aurora Assicurazioni

Merged with UnipolSai Assicurazioni

The Società Mutua di Assicurazioni fra Esercenti di Imprese Elettriche ed affini (Mutual Insurance Company for Electricity Companies and similar - MEIE) was established on 7 October 1920, in Turin, on the initiative of the largest electricity producers and distributors. The new company had two distinctive features: its nature as a mutual company (there were other examples in Turin, the largest of which was, and still is, Reale Mutua) and its focus on covering the industrial risks of the electricity sector, thus exercising an important function in reducing coverage premiums. MEIE was a flagship insurer for technologically advanced companies, its members including companies from the fledgling telephone and communications industry, such as the EIAR (later RAI). MEIE Vita SpA was founded in 1987. In 1998, the company became a corporation, Meie Assicurazioni, and expanded its activities to covering the insurance needs of people and households. In June 2000, Unipol acquired a majority stake in Aurora Assicurazioni from Assicurazioni Generali and control over Meie Assicurazioni and Meie Vita from Telecom Italia. Aurora and Meie Assicurazioni then established MeieAurora SpA (2001). In 2004, the merger of Winterthur Assicurazioni, MeieAurora and Winterthur Vita created Aurora Assicurazioni. In 2009 Aurora Assicurazioni was merged into Unipol Assicurazioni, then into UnipolSai Assicurazioni. ​

  • Financial statements, 1922


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