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"Unipol, good insurance"

The first institutional campaign of 1985

Unipol's strong links with its corporate base: cooperatives, trade associations, trade unions, workers and consumers, is reflected in the company's communication, which has expressly addressed this world in the first twenty years of its activity. Unipol's strong growth since the 1980s has led it to develop communication that can reach all potential buyers based on positive and widely shared values. Hence, the first institutional campaign of the Bologna-based company was launched in 1985, entitled 'Unipol. La buona assicurazione' (Uinpol, good insurance). According to the relevant folder, Unipol: '…is a modern and efficient, technologically advanced company, focused on quality of life and always at the service of its members and users'. The image chosen by the campaign was a graphic adaptation of the 'Effects of good Government in the City' (1338-1339), the most famous work by the painter Ambrogio Lorenzetti (1290-1348), produced on commission from the municipal authorities in the Salone della Pace of Siena's Palazzo Pubblico. This room was the meeting place of the Council of Nine, who governed the city. The fresco showing the results of good government, contrasted with the effects of bad government on another wall, was, therefore, a constant warning to exercise our powers with wisdom and balance and a manifesto of good municipal administration.

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