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Giacomo Costa
25 January - 12 April 2014

CUBO presents the solo exhibition Traces by Giacomo Costa. With his highly personal and original digital painting technique, the artist connects his love of nature with the mastery of photographic research, creating enigmatic and 'disturbing' surreal landscapes on the borders between photography, architecture and science fiction. Looking with a macro lens, this time the human has left a mark to convey his intellectual legacy: Traces are landscapes traversed by architectural elements that at first glance may appear to be artificial barriers or perhaps remains of the foundations of some now-destroyed building.

Looking at them carefully, you realise that each element is a letter of the alphabet and that the whole constructs a sentence with meaning. It is almost impossible for those unaware of the sentence to be able to read it and understand its meaning, as it is intended to be read by those who can see it from above. These are quotations from famous philosophical, political or moral thoughts, chosen for their historical and ethical importance.

As if man, aware of his own definitive disappearance from the Earth, had tried to leave hypothetical future visitors a sort of 'conceptual testament of humanity'.

With nothing left to tell the story of the evolution achieved by their thinking, at the end of a process of destruction that led to the dissolution of any sign of the existence of the human race, the last survivors decided, as a last gesture, to leave 'Traces' of the complexity and beauty of our civilisation before its self-destruction. A sort of nostalgic warning, or perhaps a regret for what could have been, if indeed the planet had been governed by these principles.

'The Trilogy of the Revolution', the site-specific project created exclusively for Spazio Arte at CUBO is a triptych that starts with the three symbolic words of the French Revolution and later the motto of the republic: liberté, égalité, fraternité. These three fundamental words for human rights are translated into all the languages of the world in this triptych, taking on even more universal value.

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CUBO in Porta Europa - Spazio Arte, Piazza Vieira de Mello 3​, Bologna