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Simona Vinci and Angela Malfitano

Reading - theatrical performance

​​​​​On the occasion of Vania Comoretti's DUAL exhibition in Spazio Arte, CUBO is hosting a lively cultural exchange with women focusing on the theme of duality, giving rise to a 'theatrical reading' of an unpublished short story 'Io sono, tu sei' (I am, you are) by writer Simona Vinci and performed by actress Angela Malfitano.
​Simona Vinci's narration accompanies Vania Comoretti's works. Both are united by their formal pursuit of realism; both invite the reader and observer to add personal meaning and significance to their works made of images and words. The audience is not directed to the emotions of the artist and the writer through the use of adjectives and added elements; everything is apparently simple and essential, but full of meanings, of underlying emotions that everyone can use to enrich the baggage of their own experience.
In the artist's works, as in the writer's texts, there is an external silence, a book by Vinci is closed just as a work by Comoretti is walked away from, meditating in silence and against the noise of our present. We move away from their works to begin our own personal and intimate journey.

"We will die with joy and with memories, without the cloud of exhaust fumes, onions and cabbage stewed on the landings of all those unhappy concrete houses from which we were thrown out, evicted, kicked out, as we grasped our mother's gold wedding ring, our father's, a stuffed bear, a wool coat, there will be no stench of putrid dead river water, road kill, rat shit, the acid of sweaty coins on the palm of your outstretched hand to ask, to pray, while you'd like to spit in their face, we will still have our hair and it won't be white, and there will be that cut on our chin, a tear falling from our right or left eye, a white star on our forehead, we will pick up the crumbs from the table, carefully cupped in our hand, and bring them to our mouth, we will still have our teeth, they will be small, tame and not good for biting. We will all have the same face, as when we die we always call our mothers. Anyone, and every one. 
Your name is dear to me.
I am, you are". (ta​​ken from the text by Simona Vinci)

Free with reservations

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