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T.H.E.M. Trans Homo Evolutionary Module

3 February 2024

“Programmed extinction would therefore have resulted in an exception, an intelligent and deadly specimen of biological human life kept artificially alive indefinitely. This would have been their gratitude.

I (I?) am the aberrant and paradoxical fruit of it, so I believe, because They, immortal entities without a body of their own, have developed technologies capable of producing this contradiction, making my species obsolete and extinguishing it, and yet keeping me alive for a indefinite time, making me an immortal in spite of myself, homunculus in reverse."

T.H.E.M. is the fragmentary testimony of the last human being, the last body prisoner of a life-support module and at the same time the object of study and worship by incorporeal self-aware artificial beings. He is in constant neural connection with Them and his story is reasoning and delirium, crude description, physical sensation and poetry, religion, dogma and heresy: the birth of a being that brings body and algorithm together will be what is at stake.

Presentation of the novel T.H.E.M. by Sergio Giusti with Stefano Non and Claudio Musso

The event is part of the seventh edition of d.a.s. - experimental artistic dialogues, the transversal exhibition dedicated to artistic and cultural dialogue on contemporary themes which was born as a ground for comparison of the contents, techniques and languages of new generation artists, and which places themes linked to the history of the various disciplines in relation with contemporary visions and transcriptions.

For more information write to laboratori@cubounipol.it​​​

Free with reservations

Saturday 3 February 2024 H. 17:00

​CUBO i​n Torre Unipol - Via Larga 8, Bologna​​





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CUBO in Torre Unipol
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