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Gender Violence and Childhood: What we Need to Know

Meeting with Alberto Pellai
22 November 2022


What happens to our minds when the relationships and places in which we should feel most protected and safe become a source of fear and violence? What does it mean to grow up in a violent family? We rarely talk about children growing up in a violent environment that constantly violates their need for protection and safety.

In this meeting, physician and psychotherapist Alberto Pellai addresses the different issues related to intra-family violence and gender-based violence, focusing on a complex and varied topic including aspects that sometimes fail to appear in the media debate, such as the topic of witnessing violence. The theme of the phenomenon's primary prevention will also be explored: what the new generations need in order to grow up equipped with the useful emotional and socio-relational skills for building affective relationships in which respect, empathy and emotional fine-tuning become important factors of protection and prevention.

The event is part of the fourth edition of Non ballo da sola, the event promoted and organised by CUBO and the Unipol Group for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.​


Entry is permitted with an FFP2 mask. ​

For more information, please write to laboratori@cubounipol.it

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