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Olivia Belli

Intime Corde
01 August 2023

CUBO LIVE – places, ideas, voices, events  – is a series of live shows promoted by CUBO, the Unipol Group's corporate museum,  throughout the country in especially picturesque locations.

One of these is the Porta Europa Gardens in Bologna. This hanging green oasis lies hidden in the headquarters of the Unipol Group, with spacious green areas surrounded by the MEDIAgarden audiovisual art installation.


Olivia Belli presents her latest works amidst classical influences and highly original electronics, mixed with the intimate sound of the "muffled" upright piano and with special algorithms which, with the help of fascinating videos shot in the Marche countryside, will allow her to offer the public the entirety of her magical world of sound and aesthetics. A world of lights and shadows, of sounds and silences, of echoes, allusions and references that immerse the audience in an intense sensory experience.


In association with Fondazione Musica Insieme​


​For more information, please write tolaboratori@cubounipol.it


​21:15 - 22:30

​​CUBO in Porta Europa - Piazza Vieira de Mello - Bologna​​​