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The secrets of Saint Petronius

with Giorgio Comaschi
4 october 2023

A journey through history, among the mysteries, doubts and certainties about the life of Saint Petronius, an unpublished monologue by and with Giorgio Comaschi who, remaining faithful to the period but with a lighter touch, retraces all the legends handed down from the 15th century onwards and the activities that saw Bologna's patron saint play a leading role in the city's reconstruction.

His relationship with Milan and with Bishop Ambrose, the four crosses placed to mark the city boundaries, the expansion of Bologna, the transfer of relics from the Church of Santo Stefano to the Basilica of Saint Petronius. The result is a fresco on the history of Bologna with a particular focus on the secrets safeguarded in the city's basilica.

​The evening will be accompanied by original live music from maestro Valentino Corvino.

In association with Cronopios

Free with reservations

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​​Unipol Auditorium Enea Mazzoli - Via Stalingrado 37, Bologna