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Gente strana: Watu Wu Ajabu

3 october 2023


On World Food Day, thanks to the vision of the documentary film entitled "Gente Strana" (Watu Wa Ajabu), we discover together with CEFA how cooperation can improve people's lives, forever.

Produced by Genoma Films, directed by Marta Miniucchi, written by Antonio Pisu, the film tells the story of two boys, Marco and John, who come from different countries and cultures and who together, laughing and arguing, try to overcome an incredible challenge: to help each other.

In the cast of the docufilm Cesare Bocci, Matteo Gatta, Lodo Guenzi, Maulidi, Ismail KambengaVittoria Bianchini; soundtrack by Dargen D'Amico.

Speakers during the evening will include Alice Fanti - Director of CEFA, Marta Miniucchi - film director, and Cesare Bocci - actor, who plays the role of the cynical journalist and who will talk about his experience during filming.

postcard – Gente strana: Watu Wu Ajabu

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