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Fratture (Fractures)

Technological breakthroughs podcast
17 and 24 June, 1 July 2022

We are used to thinking of History as a progression of events, but quite the opposite, History shows that it often moves forward by fractures, ruptures, turning points, even linked to small events that are nevertheless capable of changing society. And they are often technological shocks: inventions, discoveries, solutions that change people's lives and mindsets. "Fractures/The history of technological breakthroughs" sets out to analyse some large and small events that have shaken our history since the 20th century.

In this second season of the series, not only has the medium changed - no longer as online meetings but now podcasts - but the focus is mainly on digital technological fractures, with a look, however, at another place that has suddenly become centre stage again: Space.

In each episode, after an introduction on the topic by Stefania Carini, there will be discussion/​​commentary with guests.





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