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Stories and music from the African American universe: past and future
6 - 20 December 2022

A journey into African American culture and music in which the history of Africa merges with that of the United States and Europe, moving seamlessly through the trajectories of the diaspora and the Black Lives Matter demonstrations. Stories of pride and resistance, in which soul, funk and rap cross the great empire of Mali, the records of Kendrick Lamar or Beyoncé, through to the cinema of Spike Lee. Carlo Babando, journalist, professor of Italian literature and writer, will pair the dialogue with his guests with music reproduced directly from the grooves of the vinyl to weave the thread between music, cinema, literature and history.


In collaboration with SEMM Music Store

​Programma blackness

Entry is permitted with an FFP2 mask.

For more information, please write to laboratori@cubounipol.it ​​​​

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CUBO in Porta Europa – Piazza Vieira de Mello 5​