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Want to be well? It’s your choice

Health education course
2 October 2023 – 31 May 2024

CUBO offers first and second grade secondary school students a health education course to raise their awareness of the quality of their lifestyle, the dangers of bad eating habits and those arising from risk factors such as alcohol or smoking.

The course combines theory and discussion with practical activities on interactive devices such as.

Each participant has the chance to physically construct a chart representing their lifestyle. They answer questions about their daily habits, nutrition and physical activity along a wall panel about three metres long. The answers are entrusted to a system of rings and wires that attach each answer to a point on the panel and return, after the last answer, a readable diagram of the peaks and troughs that describe the quality of its author's lifestyle.

An interactive table inviting people to play on three topics: the amount of energy provided by different foods, the difference between aerobic and anaerobic activities, and finally the ideal consumption frequency of different foods. Each topic offers three game levels to earn points for each correct answer and enter the ranking. Participants raise their awareness by playing, identifying the proper composition of the ideal food pyramid and the simple daily habits making up a healthy lifestyle.


'Una mela al giorno', or 'An apple a day', is a game where players must 'capture' the wellness items randomly dropping on the screen. After collecting the items, the student receives advice and fun facts about health and well-being.

It was created in partnership with the Digital Experience area, UnipolSai's DSI.

​CUBO's museum services lead all activities and classroom discussions.​

The 'Want to be well? It's your choice' course is produced in cooperation with KnowAndBe.live, the first digital and transmedia platform for cancer prevention education specifically designed for companies and organisations and based on customisable and scientifically validated content.

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