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Civic education and philosophy

Teaching module for junior secondary schools
11 – 25 November 2021


The objective of teaching Civic Education, which was recently introduced by Italian Law no. 92/2019 in all orders and levels of education, is not to teach knowledge and skills, but to accompany students along a process of personal and ethical transformation which aims to guide them to become responsible citizens able to actively participate in the civic, cultural and social life of the community, respecting their duties and fully exercising their rights.

In this perspective, through controversial examples and dilemmas in line with their experience and inspired by philosophical debate, students will be invited to reflect on more general problems (equality, the relationship between human beings and the environment, the persuasive power of communication on the web, etc.), in order to make it clear that these are not distant and sterile issues but concrete problems that even the younger generations face each day: a true guide for citizens of the third millennium.


In collaboration with ​Filò – il filo del pensiero​

​Il corso, riservato alle scuole secondarie di I grado, si struttura in 3 appuntamenti della durata di 2 ore ognuno che si svolgono al mattino dalle ore 10:00 alle 12:00 in modalità streaming sulla piattaforma di CUBO.


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