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On a human scale

Slam poetry workshop
13 January - 13 February 2024

Today's world is on a human scale. Without even realising it, the world of work, cities and culture have become 'masculine neutral'. To question this condition, the resulting privileges, and build a more equal world, this neutrality must be deconstructed and new narratives found. The process of finding them passes through words: by listening to men described by men and men described by women. Who are men today? How do they tell their stories? How do they relate to those who identify as female? What are their relationships with power, friendship and love? How can you portray all this with poetry? Slam poetry, as a challenge to draw on one's own biography to resonate with the world around us, with its invitation to power and vulnerability, can become a tool for finding answers to these questions.


In collaboration with Lorenzo Maragoni


When booking the first event, registration will be valid for the entire duration of the course.



Monday 14​:00 - 19:00
Tuesday ​09:30 - 23:30
Wednesday ​​09:30 - 20:00
Thursday ​09:30 - 20:00
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Free with reservations

​​CUBO in Porta Europa
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