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da capo

In-depth discussions with the leading figures from the art world

CUBO, in the "da capo" series of NEU RADIO interviews, recounts and presents its projects through interviews, debates and in-depth discussions with leading figures from the art world. 

In musical notation, the expression "da capo" ("from the top") is an instruction in sheet music that tells the band or orchestra to return to the beginning of the score and play it again. We have symbolically appropriated this phrase to express that sense of temporary and never-obtained fulfilment that drives us to start over again every time. And in fact, this is exactly how it is for those of us involved in art at CUBO, because by entrusting our unconventional spaces to the experimentation of artists, one time is never the same as another. 

Just like with sheet music, we start over again each time by putting ourselves on the line, without the fear of starting again but with the desire to trust in new amazements again, new wonders and new surprises. 

Because in business as in life, art and culture improve a community, invite deep reflection, introduce us to new instances, and connect us by setting us free.



The podcast is available only in italian language.




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