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Rocket Girls

Stories of girls who have fought to be heard
26 November 2021


There have been many women throughout the history of music, yet only a few are remembered. Usually just a handful of names, artists who have scaled mountains and made real revolutions. Extraordinary lives marked by daily struggles and great songs, difficult choices and records that you can't do without once you've discovered them.

Together with Laura Gramuglia, Erica Mou and Cristina Donà will tell their stories through their unpredictable choices, regular bumps in the road, refined musical tastes and brilliance. Composition, searching for a voice, working in the studio, and the live dimension will be topics discussed in an open question and answer session with the audience, plus some improvised live performances. The original format is drawn from the self-titled book by Laura Gramuglia, published by Fabbri Editori.


The event is part of the third edition of Non ballo da sola [I do not dance alone], a programme of initiatives to encourage people to consider the issue of gender violence, promoted and organised by CUBO, for 

the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.


In collaboration with Cronopios​

​PROGRAMMA non ballo da sola​

Per maggiori informazioni scrivere a laboratori@cubounipol.it

Free with reservations

​​20:30 - 22:30

​Teatro Leonardo - Via Andrea Maria Ampeère 1, Milano​





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